Belgium is quite popular for its beer – the history and beer-making tradition go back centuries. Belgium takes its beer tradition seriously – this little nation has one of the most extensive collections of beer, with over 700 different varieties in production. Selecting a few unique ones from this list is a tedious and, frankly, overwhelming task. Personal preference has the most significance when it comes to selecting the best beers. Your favorite Belgium beer may not be the ultimate pick of your friends or family. However, some unique brands are known for their traditions and excellency in the brewery industry. Here are some of the best Belgian beers that everyone might love:

Tripel Karmeliet:

Tripel Karmeliet is best described as one of the world’s most unique and best beers. The recipe for this timeless beer has been unchanged since the 1670s, which only uses three kinds of cereal for its production. The Tripel Karmeliet is a Belgian Pale Ale and is a skillful combination of Wheat, Barley, and Oats. Tripel Karmeliet is characterized by the creamy and rich nutty taste of the oats and the lightness and sweetness of the wheat. The beer has a subtle aroma of freshly baked bread with a rich note of lemon. The color of Tripel Karmeliet may vary from gold to bronze, and the beer is known to form an impressive creamy head at the top. Tripel Karmeliet may also contain slight touches of cinnamon, coriander, and citrus fruit zest, which is best combined with seafood dishes, especially mussels.

Affligem Blonde:

Affligem Blonde:

This golden beer’s rich and smooth taste is the classic choice among Belgian Beers. Affligem Blonde can be best described as the tasteful combination of Barley and Hop extract. The beer is characterized by a mild bitterness along with its fruity sweetness. You might taste nuances of fruits such as apricots, peaches, or citrus fruits. The beer is known for its tropical fruit tastes similar to bananas, giving you a refreshing palate finish. The light beer works well with subtle dishes that play on the similarities to form an excellent combination. Some of the best food choices with Affligem Blonde are Chicken, Salmon, or Salad.

Chimay Blue:

Chimay Blue is a Dark Ale characterized by a dark amber or brown color. Beer is a popular choice among beer lovers. One of the first things you will notice about Chimay Blue is its enticing aroma that reminds you of freshly baked bread, dried fruits, and Belgian candy. Chimay Blue is characterized by a rich, zesty and bitter flavor with subtle notes of muscat grapes, dried fruits, and ripe apples. Chimay Blue is one of those beers that improve its quality with time. Some of the best food choices to pair with Chimay Blue are Grilled Pork Ribs or Steak.