Pairing your beer with tasty food is no rocket science – It comes down to a uniquely personal choice. What you perceive as a good pairing might not be a good choice for someone else. There aren’t any rules when it comes to pairing food with beers. However, some beer-food pairings work much better than others, as they complement the flavors much better than others. The best beer-food pairings help you cleanse your palate and avoid overpowering beer flavors. Here are some of the best beer and food pairings to try on your next night out.

Spicy Noodles and Buffalo Wings:

Spicy Noodles and Buffalo Wings

Spicy Noodles and Buffalo Wings are among the best combinations of food to try, along with some light lagers. Light lagers are known for their crisp and light taste in the beer world. Pairing it with spicy dishes like Noodles and Buffalo wings is a winner. The taste of this beer-food pairing offers the best contrast to the consumers. Lagers are rarely bitter, and therefore, washing down some spicy noodles or buffalo wings is one of the best options to try.

Fruit Tarts and Pastries:

Fruit Tarts or Pastries are some of the best food pairings when it comes to wheat beers. Wheat beers contain a large amount of wheat compared to malted barley. This gives it a smoother texture than other beers. These beers are often characterized by a citrusy note and are moderately sweet. Pairing wheat beers with highly sweet fruit tarts or pastries are ideal as they tend to complement each other’s flavors.

Steak or Burritos:

Steak and Burritos are better paired with Brown Ales. Brown Ales are dark-colored brews and typically contain more malt than hops. Black Ales have a distinct heavy taste that of a toasted coffee or chocolate. Brown Ales are versatile in that they can be paired well with almost any food. However, Steak and Burritos compliment the overpowering distinct taste of Brown Ales more than any other food option. You can also try pairing it with Barbecue and Roasted Pork.

Chicken and Pizza:

Chicken and Pizza

Chicken and Pizza are one of the best and most common options to pair with beer. These are best paired with Amber Ales. Amber Ales are characterized by caramel and toasted taste derived from roasted crystal malts. They might also display citrus or pine notes to balance the sweetness. Since Amber Ales are sweet and toasty, they are best paired with chicken or Pizza to cleanse your palate.

Crabs and Lobsters:

Another best combination to try is to pair Porter Beer with Crabs or Lobsters. Porters are known for their rich and deep flavor and signature dark color. The beer style was developed in London and is rich in dark fruit flavors. You will taste coffee, nuts, and chocolate notes in most beer blends. It is no surprise why this rich flavor is best enjoyed alongside some crabs or lobsters.