Are you someone who is a beer lover? Do you taste different types of beers whenever you go to a club or a party? Trying out new beer is fascinating unless you don’t overdo it. Hence, if you are fond of having a beer, you must know that plenty of craft beers are available out there waiting for you to try! Yes, there is a variety of session beers, IPAs, sours, and wild ales.

Beers are categorized into three types of yeast: ale yeast, lager yeast, and spontaneous yeast. The yeast is the main ingredient that affects the overall taste of the beer. Now, let’s dive into the varieties of craft beers.

Types of craft beers

Pale ale craft beer: Pale ale is one of Australia’s most popular beer types. This beer has a golden color and is not too strong. The flavor of the pale ale craft beer can be from crisp and fruity to malty, with some bitterness. You must have already tasted this beer, as it is the most available craft beer.

NEIPA (New England India Pale Ale) craft beer: NEIPA craft beers are fizzy and hazy. These beers have a juicy and fruity character which is favourite of almost every person these days. However, NEIPA beer has a cloudy appearance at the top due to the yeast floating around in suspension.

IPA (India Pale Ale) craft beer: IPA craft beer has more bitterness and aroma hop flavors. The hoppiness can vary depending on the brewer’s original recipe and seasonal variations. IPA craft beer is brewed chiefly for export as IPA beer’s hops are not native to India.

Stronger IIPA craft beer: This beer is strong, but the intensity comes with complexity. The stronger and double IIPA craft beer was created with the demand for solid beers from drinkers of American IPAs. The taste of this craft beer can vary from slight bitterness to no bitterness.

Wheat beer: It has lower alcohol content compared to other craft beers. Wheat beer has a tinge of spicy character to it and is often considered the most refreshing variety of craft beers.

Session ales: They are supposed to be finished in a single sitting. They are one of the lower-alcohol beer types, depending on the brewer’s taste preferences. Session ales have a bit of fruity and spicy flavor to them.

Wheat beer

Chocolate beer: These beers provide a unique twist to the beer family. The chocolate beers have a rich, sweet flavor. They are usually made with malts like wheat or oats. In addition, this beer has a dark color which ranges from dark brown to black, depending on the brewer’s style.

Fruity craft beer: Along with chocolate beer, the brewers came up with another unique craft beer style. Fruity beer is made with a variety of different fruits and has less sweetness in taste.

These are some of the types of craft beers from around the world. Many other craft beers are brewed. Remember to indulge in any of these varieties of craft beers the next time you visit a brewery.